About us - Neil Pierson 

We are an international network passionate about promoting schools. The Centre for Marketing Schools was founded by Dr Linda Vining in the early 1990's. The Centre is now led by Storyteller Neil Pierson. 

Who is Dr Linda Vining?

· Former Australian teacher and school leader
· Vocal supporter of the education profession
· Parent and ‘consumer’ of schools
· Market researcher in touch with the needs and expectations of parents and the community
· Author of school marketing articles and seven published books
· Developer and mentor of the Diploma in School Marketing
· Convenor of Aforia - an annual school marketing conference
· Creator of the International School Marketing Network and email newsletter

For over 20 years Dr Vining pioneered a new profession in school marketing. Multiple awards in marketing and business are testimony to her creative talents and her focus on quality.

New Manager Neil Pierson 

In late 2011 Dr Vining purchased another local business. She then approached Neil Pierson about taking over and continuing the work of the Centre for Marketing Schools. Neil accepted Dr Vining’s invitation and purchased the Centre in order to continue to encourage, equip and connect school marketers.

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