School Marketing Aforia Conference

What is the School Marketers' Aforia?

An Aforia is a new word for a unique concept!

Never heard of an 'Aforia'? That’s because it is a brand new word coined by Centre for Marketing Schools to describe our annual meeting of marketing minds. 

Our aim is to break away from the old concept of a conference or seminar.  Traditionally these are confined within partitioned walls where delegates sit for days being talked to by credentialed ‘experts’ whose ideas are often of dubious relevance to schools. By contrast, an Aforia examines best practice. It is delivered by practitioners who understand the unique culture of schools. We want you to SEE and FEEL what others are doing, hence the roving nature of the event. We want to provide you with plenty of opportunities to SHARE your ideas and talk about things that matter to you.

Search the word 'Aforia'. You will find 'affairs of the mind', 'forum', 'symposia'. And, in our new language you will hear of an 'Aforium' which is a presentation to stimulate group discussion. An 'Aforii' (pronounced afori eye) is a very short talk. An 'AforiAfter' is what we do at the end of the day when we all go out together for dinner.

Professional Development Conference for School Marketers

If you want to be treated as a professional in your role then continue to learn from others. One of the best ways to learn is to teach. Another is to network with people who have skills and experiences you need or admire.

The School Marketers Aforia is an annual event bringing together school marketers from a variety of schools. Each day the School Marketing Aforia is hosted by a different school. A school tour is included. This provides valuable insights into how each school presents itself plus the variety of facilities offered.

We look forward to you joining us!

Frequently asked Questions about School Marketing Aforia

Do I need to attend both days of the School Marketing Aforia?

No. You can just attend one of the two day Aforia if your budget or time schedule is too tight. You would not receive a Certificate in Professional Development but it is still better than not attending at all.

Does the conference include accomodation?

No. You can stay wherever you like. With friends, family or book a room at a motel. Aforia organisers will stay at a central hotel. The optional 'AforiaAfter' delegate dinner will generally be held at this hotel.

How long are the sessions in an Aforia?

Aforia means affairs of the mind + forum + symposia. It is designed to provide ideas
Aforium = A 30 minute stimulus talk followed by a facilitated discussion
Aforii = A 10 minute presentation with 3 minute discussion (pronounced afori eye)

How long is a School Marketing Aforia?

The Aforia is a two day conference. Generally from 9am till 3pm each day with an optional dinner on the first night.

How much does the Aforia cost?

Budget for around $1,200 to $1,600 to attend the 2 day Aforia. Check the registration form for current cost. Airfares, breakfasts, dinners and accommodation are all at delegate expense. An optional bus from a central accommodation is generally provided for delegates.

What topics are addressed at an Aforia?

Each Aforia will include a different theme or mix of topics. Past topics have included...

  • Best practice in school marketing
  • Writing for Influence
  • Press Releases & dealing with Media
  • Building school / business partnerships
  • School publications
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Marketing in hard times
  • Training staff in customer relations
  • Innovative strategies
  • Reputation turn-around
  • School Open Days
  • Digital school promotion
  • Trends and future threats 

What will I receive for attending an Aforia?

Ideas. Connections. Fun. Lunches and morning teas. Delegates who attend the full 2-day conference will receive a handsome Certificate of Professional Development in School Marketing to recognise continued career participation.

When is the Aforia held?

Generally on a Thursday and Friday in the second week of August. This works well with most schools, avoids holidays and popular events. The end of the week timing is appreciated by delegates who can linger for a weekend away if they choose.

Where is the School Marketing Aforia held?

The School Marketing Aforia is hosted by a different market-oriented school each day. Aforias are held in different cities around Australia - and potentially the world!

Who should attend School Marketers Aforia?

Anyone involved with school promotions, admissions, development and community relations. This includes school marketing managers, registrars, development directors, business managers and school principals. Beginners as well as experienced marketers will go away with a wealth of information and ideas.