Making the most of the Network of School Marketers

The Network of School Marketers is free to 'join'. The weekly School Marketers email newsletter from Storyteller Neil Pierson is the lifeblood of the network.

  1. Sign up for the FREE School Marketers email newsletter
  2. Respond to the newsletter with your comments
  3. Ask questions
  4. Send in a brief description of new things you are doing with your school
  5. Share your successes, as well as things you tried yet felt failed
  6. Forward the email to other school marketers and invite them to join
  7. Plan to attend an Aforia School Marketers Conference
  8. Learn from others through the Diploma in School Marketing or books

Your Network of School Marketers

People involved in school marketing are all different. Each one of us brings different strengths to our school community. Yet none of us know everything about school marketing. Nor should we be expected to or even try. That's why networking is so important.

The Network of School Marketers is a GENEROUS community. It is made up of Registrars, Principals, Development Officers — in fact whatever the title — it is people who are responsible for helping their school promotions.

Some school marketers are new to the ‘education game’. Working in the school environment can be intense. Some schools are extremely well resourced and roles clearly defined. Others have an 'all hands on deck' working together approach. There is often an expectation to do other tasks. These can distract you from marketing.

My research on the school marketing profession shows that poor role definition is a significant obstacle to achieving marketing goals. School marketing is different from the corporate world. The 'product' is people's lives - students, staff, families and the impact on communities.

I am always amazed by people who say, “We don’t need to market, we are full.” or “We don’t need to go to a conference, we have waiting lists.” It reminds me of the quote from Will Rogers . . . "Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there."

Together let's continue to learn. After all we are in school and encouraging students to be lifetime learners.

Neil Pierson